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March 7, 2019 - The American Basketball Association is excited to announce a broadcast partnership with The Hype Magazine Network for the ABA Finals, April 10-13, 2019 in St. Louis, MO. The Hype Magazine began initially as a one-page newsletter with a focus on entertainment, urban music, and current world news. Today, along with its print and digital platforms, The Hype includes streaming television within its network distributed by UniverseNetwork.TV (Channel 72) and also available on the ROKU streaming television platform.


“I’ve been working with Jay and Jerry of the Hype Magazine for years and love their platforms and professionalism,” said Brian “Essince” Collins, President of ABA Media and Entertainment. “We’re really excited for the new broadcast opportunity and to promote the league and entertainment on an established national outlet that understands our culture.”


"The Hype Magazine is excited to work with the historic American Basketball Association (ABA) from which such great teams emerged such as the New Jersey Nets, San Antonio Spurs, Indiana Pacers, Denver Nuggets,” says Jerry Doby, editor in chief of the Hype Magazine. “Via The Hype TV, we look forward to supporting the broadcast of the ABA 2019 season finals as an official media outlet and are excited about covering the league far into the future."


The Hype Magazine is a United States-based World News and Music magazine with a sub-focus in Hip Hop, Rap and RNB. Founded in 2002 by Jameelah Wilkerson and currently holding offices in Lawrenceville, Georgia - The Hype brand was developed initially from Urban culture.


For more information on the Hype Magazine network visit their website at and keep up to date with the ABA via



March 16

Alexandria Armor 138

Twin City Jazz    116


Tri City All Stars   141

Houston Red Storm  117


Akron Aviators 125

Cleveland Blaze   118 OT


Philadelphia Cannons   115

NEPA Stars & Stripes  104


Topeka Sizzlers   141

Missouri Capitals   131


OC Novastars    142

Oakland Townhawks  134 OT


PG Valor   137

Woodbridge Wolves  124


Las Vegas Royals 127

San Diego Kings  123


Chicago Fury   135

South Bend Monarchs  123


West Texas Nighthawks 155

Kyle Stallions    146


7 City Knights  127

San Diego Guardians  122


Binghamton Bulldogs  134

Norristown Knights   107


Tri City Blackhawks   106

Georgia Gwizzlies    104


Atlanta Aliens  151

Tri City Blackhawks  135


Alexandria Armor   124

Tri City All Starsm   123


Worcester 78s   157

West Mass Zombies  144


Austin Bats   150

West Texas Nighthawks  148


West Chester Wildcats 133

Roanoke Rising Stars  127


March 9

West Mass Zombies 140

Elite Kings of Queens 130


West Mich Lake Hawk 147

Pro Vipers 113


Cleveland Blaze  147

Lansing Legends  113


Akron Aviators  141

Team Network  109


Chicago Knights   99

Chicago Steam    98


South Bend Monarchs123

Indiana Lyons   106


Las Vegas Royals     125

CC Delta City All Stars 108


Oakland Townhawks  135

Quad City Flames    131


Music City Magic   124

Sunrise Jewels    119


Florida All Stars   135

Southwest Warriors  117


Atlanta Aliens   150

Pensacola Lightning  103


Georgia Gwizzlies   137

Atlanta Storm   126


Norristown Nights   112

Jersey Express    100


Binghamton Bulldogs   136

Scranton Shamrocks   103


West Chester Wildcats  140

Pottstown Flames    113


Atlanta Aliens    130  

River Region Generals   112


Tri City Blackhawks   122

Florida All Stars    116


Georgia Gwizzlies    96

Magic City Surge    92


West Mass Zombies   140

DMV Warriors    130


ABA Championship Final copy aba_tickets cbc

March 18, 2019 - The 2019 ABA Playoff Picture continues to come into focus as more teams punch their ticket to St. Louis.  The Topeka Sizzlers ensure a spot in the Prelims by defeating the Missouri Capitals in a shootout in Topeka, KS.  The Sizzlers outlasted the Capitals to win 141-131.  The Sizzlers will face the winners of the Austin Bats and the Alexandria Armor to determine who will represent the South Central Region in the Final 8.  


More regions will shape up after the playoffs continue this weekend.  Continue to follow the standings and game info here at